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Dichroic glass is glass that has been very thinly coated with certain metal oxides to produce unique color combinations when looking at the glass.  The word dichroic is derived from the Greek for “di” meaning two and “chroic” meaning color.  Therefore, dichroic glass produces two main colors when viewed.  One color is seen when looking at light that is reflected from the surface of the glass, and the other color is seen when looking at light that is transmitted or comes through the glass. As a piece of dichroic glass is turned in the light, these two colors interact to produce interesting color combinations.  The dichroic coating can be placed on glass that is smooth or glass that is textured.  The coating can be uniform over the surface of the glass or can be varied by using unique metal oxide combinations in the coating process.  The latter process results in a glass that is truly multi-colored in appearance.  Particularly, when a textured glass is multi-coated with several oxides and then viewed, the results are spectacular.

Dicroic glass was originally developed for the aerospace industry and has been adopted by the artistic community.  The varying color combinations available in dichroic glass make it uniquely suited for the production of jewelry and other glass objects.

Diamond D Designs, LLC uses Dichroic glass as the cornerstone of our jewelry.  Each piece of jewelry is a multi-layered composition of different colors and textures of dichroic glass.  When complete, the glass assembly is fired in a kiln to fuse the glass pieces into a solid object.  Temperatures in the kiln can reach more than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Some pieces require multiple firings before achieving their final shape.  Once the piece is completed, sterling silver or gold plated findings are attached and the piece is ready for use.  The result is a piece of jewelry that is unique and cannot be replicated.  Each piece is truly one of a kind.