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Product Information
All items are handmade by the artist using the finest materials available.  Because of this, each item is unique in its appearance and shape.  Sizes may vary. Variations in the glass (air bubbles, lines, streaks, etc.) and in the shape are considered a part of the charm of handmade fused glass and add to the uniqueness of the item.  No two pieces, while seemingly identical, are exactly alike.

An engraved signature is inscribed (usually on the back) on larger pieces.

The natural characteristic of Dichroic glass causes the item to emphasize varying coloration in the glass when viewed at different angles.  This is the uniqueness and charm of Dichroic glass.

While professionally photographed, photography cannot capture all the nuances of the glass.  Expect that your item will show more and varied colors than can be seen in the photograph. Color variation also depends upon the angle at which the piece is viewed. The results are spectacular.
Glass is fragile.  If dropped, glass may chip or break and bails can become detached.  If your piece is damaged while you are using it, repair is possible in certain circumstances  Contact us.  We will be glad to give you guidance.

Sizes are shown for each piece.  These dimensions are approximate, usually to within one millimeter.  To assist you in visualizing the size of the piece, use the following guide:

                           1.25cm   equals 1/2 inch
                           1.90cm   equals 3/4 inch
                           2.54cm   equals 1 inch
                           3.81cm   equals 1 1/2inches
                           5.08cm   equals 2 inches
All prices are current, as posted for each item.  Future pricing for these or similar items is subject to change based, in part, on market conditions for materials.  We reserve the right to make future  price adjustments without prior notice.

Prior Sale
All items are subject to prior sale and availability.  As these items are one of a kind, once a piece is sold, it cannot be replicated.  We appologize for any inconvenience resulting from a piece still appearing on our web site after it has been sold.  We strive to up-date the inventory on a regular basis, but cannot guarantee that any particular piece is still available.

All products are carefully inspected prior to shipping and carefully packaged to insure against damage in transit.  Should the package arrive damaged, please contact the carrier for damage claim information.

Since the customer's satisfaction is the number one concern for us, we encourage feedback, questions, and comments.  Please contact us at the addresses given in our Contact Us section.
Returns are accepted, subject to the following conditions and procedures.
  •  If your order arrives damaged, contact the carrier for a damage claim.
  •  If you are not satisfied with our product, contact us within 10 days of its arrival and we will give you further instructions.  After 10 days, all sales are considered final. Merchandise cannot be returned for any reason without a Return Authorization Number.  Contact us about exchanges or refunds.

As each item is unique and cannot be duplicated, any replacement item will vary slightly from the original.  We will strive to find a match from our inventory, but cannot guarantee exactness.

We think it is imperative that our customers be satisfied with our work and, therefore, photograph our glass items as accurately as possible so that our customers will receive what is described, both pictorially and in words.

Privacy of our customer's information is very important to us.  We do not share customer information with anyone - period.  We do maintain a mailing list - e-mail and street addresses - so that we may contact you in the future about items of fused glass that may be of interest.  Customer financial information is maintained solely for the purpose of completing sales.  Sales transactions completed via Pay Pal are subject to their financial record keeping requirements.  If you would prefer not to have your name on our customer contact list, please let us know.  We will gladly remove it.

We strive to insure accuracy of the information presented on this Web Site.  We are not responsible for typographical errors and photographic color variations beyond our control.

This entire web site and all items therein are copyrighted and the contents or any portion thereof cannot be downloaded, copied by any means, or otherwise used for any purpose other than viewing and ordering jewelry and related items without the written consent of Diamond D Designs, LLC.

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